Soleen Hamed Al Zoubi

Head of Women’s Football & Assistant Technical Director

Name: Soleen Hamed Al Zoubi
Title: Head of Women’s Football & Assistant Technical Director
Organization: Jordan Football Association – JORDAN

Soleen Hamed Al Zoubi is the Head of Women’s Football and Assistant Technical Director at the Jordan Football Association (JFA) since 2014. She previously worked for FIFA as a technical expert, and AFC Women’s Committee and Youth Panel member. Additionally, she was an ex-Football National Team player and had professionally played at Jordanian Women Clubs for 14 years.

Her lifetime aim is to naturalize the idea of a female with a football passion. She is proud to achieve a career in the football field serving a senior role in the sports arena that is predominantly dominated by males.

At an academic level, she earned the Football Administration Certificate (FAC) from AFC with distinction that equipped her to develop a unique set of skills specific to football and allowed her to play a senior role in football management. Additionally, she is a certified AFC “A” Coach that serves managerial and communication skills with players at professional level.