The Quick Board is a US-based sports technology company that is currently used by over 50% of the NBA and 25% of the NFL. At the start of 2021, they opened their first international office in Dubai UAE. The Quick Board is the only visual-motor training technology scientifically proven to significantly improve agility and balance. Quick Board’s methodology was designed to improve and restore characteristics that are critical to human performance by enhancing motor learning with real-time feedback during exercises. This proven methodology simplifies agility training, decreases injury risk, and improves your athletes’ performance.

Quick Board’s software allows athletic trainers and therapists to customize rehab protocols based on patient population and injury type. Exercises and protocols provided in the software target reaction, speed, quickness, stability, coordination, balance, and proprioception. During the exercises, Quick Board’s software displays real-time feedback on an iPad, so patients train with their eyes focused on the iPad, not looking down at the sensor board.

Quick Board’s visual-motor training improves proprioception which plays a critical role in restoring function and addressing neuroplastic effects of injuries.